birdwatching gilgaiwoodlandBird Walks will be held on the 4th weekend of the month alternating from Saturday and Sunday. This will enable people to participate in both MEG & Eynesbury bird Group walks if they wish. Bird walk sites will be allocated to hopefully coincide with best wildflower displays.


ryans laneAll MEG walks (including bushland walks) are easy walking & child friendly, on defined paths, with no bushwalking skills required. Beautiful native wildflowers will also be a feature during spring. If anyone has any suggestions of bird watching sites in Melton please let us know.

Walks in bushland will be automatically cancelled on Total Fire Ban Days or in high dangerous winds
Eynesbury Melton Gilgai (Harkness Road) Strathtulloh Long Forest Mallee

Sunday 26th February Caroline Springs 09.00
Caroline Springs wetland has a rich variety of waterbirds. One of Melton’s best waterbird sites. A paved footpath is on both sides of the waterway. Meet in the carpark behind the old medical centre beside the large lake at the entrance at Caroline Springs BLVD. Melway 358 Ref G4

Saturday 25th March Eynesbury Forest 0900
Eynesbury is a 200 hectare Grey Box Woodland with over 150 bird species observed so far, as well as a small ornamental lake rich in wetland birdlife. A rare opportunity to see woodland bird species. Toilet facilities, general store, restaurant & bar! On Fire Ban Days, walk will be around the lake only. Meet at Eynesbury Discovery Centre Melway 226 Ref H1

Sunday 23rd April Little Blind Creek 0900
Little Blind Creek flows through Melton, meeting Toolern Creek at Hannah watts Park. It is home for large numbers of birds. The many old hollow trees provide nest sites for many hollow-nesting birds & possums. Meet in Guide Hall carpark in Pinkerton
St (off Yuille St opposite Melton Golf Course). Melway Map 337 Ref C8

Saturday 27th May Melton Botanic Garden 0900
Melton Botanic Garden features plants that tolerate a dry climate and low water conditions. It is fast becoming one of Melton’s finest birding sites. corner of Tullidge Street and Williams Street. Melways Map 337 Ref: C10 and D10

Sunday 25th June Hannah Watts Park 0900
Hannah Watts Park is a popular park, beside Toolern Creek, in High St, just east of the shopping centre, opposite the golf course. Melway Page 337 Ref D9

Saturday 22nd July Toolern Creek 0900
Toolern Creek (Big Red) There is a footpath that runs along the creek. The creek forms a corridor for birds & other wildlife through Melton, from Toolern Vale in the north to the Toolern Regional Park in the south, thence to the Werribee River. Melway Ref 337 C9

Sunday 27th August Strathtulloh 0900
Strathtulloh Woodland is a remnant regenerating Grey Box Woodland overlooking Toolern Creek Meet in Strathtulloh Circuit Melway 343 Ref A12

Saturday 23rd September Harkness Road 0900
Melton Gilgai Woodland (Harkness Road Woodland) Remnant Grey Box/ Yellow Gum woodland Meet in Harkness Road Melway 330 Ref B11

Sunday 22nd October Botanic Garden 0900
Melton Botanic Garden is one of Melton’s prime birdwatching sites, after a decade of hard work by the Friends group. 21 Wlliams St (near corner of Tullidge St & Williams St). Melways Map 337 Ref: C10 and D10

Saturday 25th November Long Forest 0900
Long Forest Mallee (LFM) is a unique Mallee remnant between Melton & Bacchus Marsh. Long Forest Road Melway 335 Ref E3



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