Brookfields residents working beeOn Thursday 29th August Bev Dutton of Brookfield organised a working bee of Brookfield village residents to spread mulch over the plants we planted on Planet Ark Treeplanting Day. City of Melton has supplied a large pile of mulch for this purpose. Brookfield Lifestyle Village supplied two workers as well as a golf cart & trailer to assist in moving the mulch to the planting site.


Unfortunately high northerly winds caused us to abandon the mulching project on OH&S reasons.

On our major working bee spreading mulch in January 2010 we learned a valuable lesson about spreading mulch in high winds. In 2010 mulch & dust swirled all around as we shovelled & forked. Clouds of mulch billowed about us & even wearing glasses & protective eyewear did not effectively guard our eyes against the flying mulch.

At Bev’s suggestion, we collected old stakes from beside Arnolds Creek from previous plantings. We used these to stake the young trees to brace them from the prevailing northerly winds.

We will organise another working bee to spread the mulch, under more friendly weather conditions. Mulching the plants will greatly enhance their survivability over the dry summer months.



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