Whistling Treefrog (Litoria Verreauxii)

Photos by Richard Akers

The Whistling Treefrog is a small frog, about the size of a small Spotted Marsh Frog. It makes up for this small size by its extraordinarily loud whistling call that can easily be mistaken for a bird call. These treefrogs live in a few wetlands in Melton South; where narrow gullies have been dammed to form small deep dams. No trees to be seen! Their loud whistling calls can be heard echoing across the paddocks at night from two similar dams, both north & south of Brooklyn Road. Treefrogs have also been heard calling occasionally from permanent pools in Arnolds Creek. Large numbers can be heard calling from the man-made wetlands created beside the Riverina housing estate. Presumably they have migrated here from the narrow dam below in Botanica Springs Creek.

Listen to the Whistling Treefrog call ...


Details of these frogs can be seen on: http://frogs.org.au/frogs/species/Litoria/verreauxi & http://frogs.melbournewater.com.au



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