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Nestbox painting: Coburns Primary School

 Painted nest boxes on display in Coburns Primary School reception area

Painted nest boxes on display in Coburns Primary School reception area

A number of the completed nest boxes have been painted by students of Coburns Primary School. This will hopefully give the children an awareness of their local natural environment and give them a sense of helping protect their own local wildlife. This will give them a distinctive appearance and it is not expected that the wildlife will be deterred by the children’s’ painting.

The beautifully painted nest boxes were for some time on a display cabinet in the school’s reception area, among the trophies, plaques and presentation plaques. Two extra boxes were given to the school for painting and placement within the school grounds. Hopefully the children will see birds nesting in their own distinctively painted nest boxes, in their own school ground.

The nest boxes are beautifully painted and the students have displayed both imagination and artistic talent. They have been painted in environmental themes including brightly coloured flowers, birds, dragonflies and other insects, possums, lizards and other wildlife etc. The pictures were outlined with black highlighter to make them stand out better. The distinctively painted boxes high in their respective trees will remain brilliantly coloured tributes to the students who painted them so imaginatively. They are not only homes for wildlife but works of art!

On Friday 23rd July Coburns Primary School students presented the nest boxes painted by the students to MEG, at their afternoon assembly. This occasion was reported in the local press. The students were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for their artistic efforts. This project is an excellent example of a community environmental group working in partnership with other community groups, schools, local authorities and local business to improve our local waterways.

When it was explained to the students that the boxes would be placed five metres from the ground, one of the boys asked why we did not paint the bottoms also. We hadn't thought of this! So the boxes were left at the school for this omission to be rectified. A good example of lateral thinking and a good example to us why we should listen to kids' ideas!

Coburns Primary teacher Mel Spencer students

Coburns Primary teacher Mel Spencer and students



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